Video Content Creator (Remote, Contract)

Video Content Creator (Posted Oct 22)

In this role, I am looking for someone to create presentations explaining technical math text.  This role is most similar to reading a few pages from a math text, and summarizing it into a Power Point/ Prezi/ other kind of presentation.

Looking for someone who:

  • Has some higher math background

  • Can create visually appealing and dynamic presentations

The role is fully remote and contract-based. Ideally looking for someone wanting 5-15 hours/week (can be completed anytime).


To apply, please send an e-mail to hello@crystalclearexams.com, with the information below.

Subject: CCE Virtual Content Creator



  1. Resume (PDF)

  2. Link (One Drive, Google Drive, other) to a 1-5 minute original recorded presentation about anything mathematical (pre-calculus or higher) or financial- related to your current studies, something you Googled, or anything else. (For example, an explanation on how to graph f(x) = sin(x), or an explanation the solution of some textbook question, or anything else...)

  • Presentation should be similar in form to PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. The presenter should not be visible, only the screen.

  • Presentation should include audio explanation of the content

  • Purpose is to showcase your visual presentation skills and ability to explain content clearly and in an organized fashion

  • Intended audience: Those with background and interest in college math

Virtual Education Consultant (Closed, Oct 22)

I started Crystal Clear Exams Actuarial Exam Products back in 2018. You can find more about CCE and that on the site. CCE reach has grown much since then, and now it is absolutely overwhelming! That is mostly because my current e-learning platform (Google Drive) is not designed for this. I am looking for someone whom I would dub a "Virtual Education Consultant (Math)" to transition to a more appropriate platform.

Position Description​

  • Short-term, I am looking for someone to help me choose and move to a new e-learning platform:

    • Research virtual education options and/or meet with e-learning vendors to determine which one(s) would work best (per my "vision" described right)

    • Present information about those options to help me choose

    • Move content (including lots of mathematical content - equations, tables, graphs, etc.) from its current Google Drive platform to the new one

  • Longer-term, if desired, responsibilities would entail:

    • Providing ongoing support in keeping the virtual education content up-to-date with my changes. This position does not entail writing educational content, but if you happen to be an actuary who wants to do that, I am very open to it :D.

    • Proofreading (mathematical) content

    • Keeping the site up-to-date with improvements for user experience and administrative burden reduction ​​

  • Fully remote: communicate through e-mail and virtual meetings

  • Hours: Flexible

  • Compensation: Negotiable

Probably will need someone who:

  • Is very proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, including for mathematical content (like equations).

  • Can help solidify my "vision" for e-learning

  • Can synthesize information and present options for e-learning platform

  • Quickly picks up new software: Specifically, will be able to learn the chosen e-learning platform

  • Maybe has experience on the teacher side of e-learning platforms, but experience as on the student side, particularly in math-related courses, would also be helpful.

To Apply: Applications for this position are closed

Platform Vision

Currently, I use Google Drive to share content when someone purchases. This is very admin-heavy (manually add to directory + create non-printable PDFs so students can access offline). Primary benefit of Google Drive though is ability to protect content from being downloaded/ printed. 

I'd like to move to a platform where:

  • Students automatically access content on purchase

  • Material is separated into sections (instead of one big PDF as in the current setup)

    • Students can markup or take notes within the "classroom"

    • Purpose: Remove need to distribute PDFs

  • Content protection exists -- Material is not easily downloadable/ printable. 


The platform would have added value if:

  • It allows me to use something aside from Google Drive, which cannot be accessed by about ~5% of my customers (living in China).

  • Discussion board feature to facilitate student discussion

  • Natural embedding of spreadsheet content, where students can vary inputs. ​ 

  • Likely other things you may find in your research to improve the student experience and/or reduce admin burden that I've not even considered