• This is the Spring 2020 version of the GH-FV question manual. (Exercises and Solutions, ordered by reading)
  • This does not reflect updates used in the current syllabus! Questions are from readings noted in the link found here:            Spring 2020 Syllabus
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  • More details about syllabus differences can be found below.

GHFVA/C Spring 2020 --- PRINT + PDF

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  • The Spring 2020 syllabus can be found here:

    The differences between the Spring 2021 and Spring 2020 syllabi are as below. Note that these changes are not reflected in the manual that will be sent.

    • Segment A, Objective 1: No changes
    • Segment A, Objective 2: No changes
    • Segment C, Objective 3:
      • Update reading GHFV-817
      • Update reading GHFV-825
      • Add GHFV-828
      • Add 2 Health Watch papers on Medicare/Medicaid
    • Segment C, Objective 4: No changes
    • Segment C, Objective 5:
      • Update reading GHFV-823
    • Segment C, Objective 6: No changes