​Please bear 🐻 with me. I had a "minor" surgery a few weeks ago and apparently my body has opted for a very prolonged scenic route to recovery rather than the direct route I had anticipated.


While I continue on what is looking like a lengthy path to recovery, I will have precious little time for the manual this season. With that:

  • For 2022, I am only offering a "Modified Exam 8 package".

    • I will not be updating the 2021 Exam 8 Manual for the updated NCCI file.

    • I will not be making hard copies of anything.

    • Online access only -- I will not be making PDFs.

    • I will always welcome questions/ feedback/ improvement suggestions, and often improvement suggestions take the form of clarifying questions, so continue to send them! However, because I'm behind on everything right now, expect a very long response time to anything. 

    • Most likely no errata raffle

    • ​Price = $50

    • If you purchased the 2021 Exam 8 Manual between 1 May and 21 June of 22, I'll send you an email to refund the difference in cost.  

  • Exam 9 Errata Raffle is still coming "at some point" probably in July; still working through e-mails


  • Exam 9 Errata Raffle will be held mid-June. I'm still working through e-mails with errata notes, so feel free to keep them coming.

  • Fall 2021 Exam 8 access will expire toward the beginning of June.

  • 2022 Exam 8 Manual is anticipated to be available for purchase around mid-June. Actual dates depend on when the syllabus is published, and the degree of changes I make to the manual.


  • Happy Halloween.

  • Exam 8 Errata Raffle will be held mid-November. I am incredibly behind on responding to e-mails, so if you have asked something in the last couple of weeks and I've not yet answered, please continue being patient :).

  • Spring 2021 Exam 8 access will expire in the beginning of December.

  • Exam 9 Manual will be available for purchase around mid-November. (7 November edit: Now available)


  • Wow! What a whirlwind the past few months have been! Wishing healthiness to everyone. Both actuarial societies have committed to (finally) moving to computer-based exams, and I am updating the manuals to maintain consistency with that approach. This is a time-consuming process.

  • Intended Updates for 2021

    • Due to time constraints, for the indefinite future, I will not be offering manuals for the 2x/year exams (SOA exams + CAS Exam 6).

    • Practice exams will be moved to Excel.

    • Where it makes sense, practice questions will have some integration with Excel (as in the current CAS 6 manual format). This will allow for more interesting questions.