Early Purchase

It is May/June and the new Exam 8 Manual has not yet been released. (Or it's November/ December and the new Exam 9 Manual has not yet been released.) If I purchase the Study Manual from last year, what will be the cost for the updated manual in a couple of months?

Short answer: I do not know.

Long answer: I publish manuals after CAS publishes the official syllabus and I've made any other changes to the manual content. I do not set the price for "access renewal" until I know what the extent of changes from one manual to the next are. ​

If you purchase a manual for a prior sitting, the cost to renew will generally be much less than purchasing a whole new manual. It has often been free, given that there have been relatively few syllabus updates in the last few years, but I will not know the price until I'm done with the manual.

Google Drive 

  1. Issues accessing at work? Might be a firewall. Try accessing on another (or mobile) network.

  2. Issues accessing from a mobile device? Do not use the app as it does not open protected files. Use a regular browser.

  3. If the above issues do not clear the issue, please let me know and attach a screenshot of what you see when you try to access from a non-firewalled location through a regular browser (not the app).

If you are in mainland China with no VPN access, please let me know.


PDF Issues

  • How do I get a PDF? 

Use the PDF Request Form in the main directory.

  • Can I print/ edit the PDFs? 

The PDFs are protected to disable printing, but they allow for regular markup. You should be able to markup without issue on Windows using Adobe or Nitro.  Also works well with PDF Expert app on iPad. Other apps may or may not allow the same.


Access Questions

  1. How do I access the manual?
    Online access is granted through the Google Account you entered on checkout. (I need to manually add you, so please give it up to a day or so.) You will get an e-mail with the link once you are added. You can find information on creating a Google Account here.


  2. When does online access expire?
    Generally, a few weeks after the exam sitting takes place.

  3. I did not sit/ did not pass/ etc. What is your policy on extensions?
    The cost to upgrade to a new version of the manual ranges from $0 to more, depending on the nature of changes between the syllabus and manual (generally not known until a couple of weeks after syllabi are published). Check the pricing page for "upgrade" costs.

  4. Can I download a copy of the online manual?
    You can request a downloadable PDF through the form online. It is not printable, but it can be edited and marked up as you wish. If you prefer a print copy, you can order a B&W spiral-bound print using the appropriate option on the purchase page. Books are shipped at least every Saturday.

Other Questions

  1. I am paying out-of-pocket; do you offer a discount for that?
    I set prices assuming that a lot of people will go OOP to purchase; as such I don't offer an explicit discount beyond that.

  2. Something is unclear/ seems incorrect/ typo:
    If you find any minor or major issues, please e-mail me.