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Pricing/ Availability Timelines

For latest information about manual cost and availability, please see the manuals page

How to Purchase

Please see the Purchase page.

How to Access the Course

Please visit the Online Course: CCE Online (

General FAQ

  1. When are manuals generally available?

    Manuals are generally available a couple of weeks after the official syllabus is published. 

    The site manuals page will be updated with dates for specific exams around that time.


  2. How long does access last? 

    12 months from purchase.


  3. Can I purchase exams/ videos/ practice questions/ etc. separately ?

    No, access is granted at the course level only.


  4. Are the materials downloadable? PDF?
    See the applicable Course Overview on the course site for information on downloadability and content availability.


  5. How much does it cost to renew access?

    As of 2023 (manuals purchased in or after 2023), the renewal policy is:

    • First renewal (6 month duration): Anytime, free. 

    • Subsequent renewals depends on the nature of changes to the syllabus and manual content. When known,  information will be posted in Manuals and/or Purchase.

Other Questions? 

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