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Update 31 Dec 22:

  • CAS 9 2023 Now available for early access purchase. 

  • Major Changes over 2022 and Earlier Versions:

    • No longer using Google Drive. Moving to an online school type platform:

      • Should be easier to access

      • Easier to track progression

      • Discussion forums​​

      • Just better overall TBH

    • Video summaries accompanying each lesson​

    • Note for prior purchasers - there are only VERY MINOR changes to the actual printed content. 

    • General Info can be found on the CCE CAS9 Course Site (new window)

  • Pricing:

    • For anyone who purchased CCE CAS 9 2021 or 2022

    • Everyone else:​

      • $325 early access pricing applies until end of January 2023​ (Enroll on CCE LearnWorlds, new window)

      • Afterward, $400


"I love the Crystal Clear manual. I think the info she provides is sufficient to pass the exams and she does a lot in her manual to keep you interested. I wish she had a manual for every exam... I would definitely use it!"

"I just wanted to say your material is great--gives me a chance to practice areas of the syllabus I'd not have been able to without your resources."

"I would get CC as her practice problems were really great for 9. They're a mix of having some problems that build the ideas on the paper to help ensure you understand, and having some really tricky curveballs that are also within bounds for being asked. She had two instances this sitting where the curveball from her practice question was on the exam, verbatim. I think this could be useful for 8, too."

"Solid summary of the syllabus, the use of color coding, combined with humorous language makes reading her manual an enjoyable experience."

"CC is good, especially the original problems. It's probably worth the money for that alone."

I highly recommend Crystal Clear for all exams that it’s available for. At least for my style of learning, CC is the highest quality I’ve come across in my exam career.

- GoActuary User

"This is the cutest Actuarial exam study guide I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t normally think of a guide in this way "

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